The big kids had a snow day today, so the little boys had a snow day too. We received about 7-8 inches worth of snowfall overnight and this morning. The sky has taken a break for tonight but it’s supposed to snow a few more inches tomorrow. The kids enjoyed some sledding in the morning. Dad took them down to the big hill after lunch.

We had our first meeting tonight since becoming a part of the spiritual nurture board at church. In addition to the board of elders and the board of trustees, we have the board of spiritual nurture and the board of witness and mercy. Witness and mercy focuses on finding ways to involve the church in reaching out into the community. Spiritual nurture is responsible for education and care of our church’s members.

I brought up the idea tonight of wanting to work toward getting something started to support and build up our church’s marriages. We have married couples of all ages, including several sets of newlyweds who I feel are particularly important to look out for. If we are going to be an entity who speaks about the sanctity and beauty of marriage, then we also need to follow up with in-person action. The pastor and DCE jumped right on board. I still sometimes can’t believe any of this is happening. I’m looking forward to serving on this board, and found by the ways God continues to work.

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