The cross country meets are getting easier again. Yesterday evening we traveled to Carlinville, about a 45-minute drive from my in-law’s house. My father-in-law doesn’t usually come to the meets, as they occur during harvest, his needed season. The boys and I drove into town to meet my mother-in-law at their house. We took the country roads, as the interstate had recently been backed up with traffic. The drive back home was particularly beautiful. People oftentimes speak of fall as their favorite season. I understand why.

Dad left the pastor’s conference early to make the three-hour drive. He was already there by the time we arrived, and the boys had already started their race. We made it to the park grounds in time to see my son pass through the first mile marker. The loops and design of this course allows for multiple views of the runners without having to travel too far yourself. I’ve stayed pretty stationary for the meets both this year and last, but yesterday I wandered over toward a more remote soccer field. I found a bench to stand on for the girls’ mile two.

Over the past month I’ve been feeling a lot better. For a while it seemed like I’d plateaued in terms of any more physical improvements. I still need to be intentional about where and how I’m spending energy, but lately its been good to go about current normal without much need for multi-day recoveries. This past weekend we chaperoned the school dance. I spent the night walking the perimeter of the dance floor, a cardigan tied around my waist, my hands holding a water bottle close to my chest. For such things I am grateful.

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