We finished putting the lights on our tree this afternoon. It’s been another fuller weekend with church and holiday events. Last night the kids visited my in-laws house for the evening. Josh and I had a faculty party that was held at the homes of one of the teachers. She’s taught at the high school long enough that she had my husband as a student. She’s the last one there of the “originals” that I remember from his stories about school. When you get to know or are getting to know somebody, it’s not just the person you’re getting to know that you are learning about. You’re also learning about the other people in their lives.

We had a good time. The kids kept busy helping my mother-in-law set up her Christmas tree and decorate. It’s been a tradition for several years for the kids to help her with that. I like that it’s something they can do together and make memories with. When we returned to pick them up they were in the middle of Frozen II, which is actually a pretty good movie. It’s hard to pick between Anna and Elsa, but I think I like both of them the same without a favorite. The kids wanted to stay and finish watching but I was ready to be home and get to bed. It’d been a long day by then.

I’d told the kids we could finish watching Frozen II this afternoon if they wanted, though I think we ended up forgetting about it. This evening we watched the season 3 premiere of The Chosen. This one featured Jesus giving his sermon on the mount. Through the rest of the episode there are many instances of his followers talking about the things Jesus said during the sermon. At one point when I was little, I remember Matthew being my favorite book of the Bible, with chapters five and six being my favorite chapters, especially six. I like Matthew because it’s an interesting book where Jesus says many powerful and inspiring things.

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