It’s been a full and busy weekend of visits and travels. My sister came down with her four girls, along with my cousin’s daughter who was visiting from Florida. My sister had called me several weeks ago wondering if it’d be okay if they came down. She was trying to think of things for them all to do and thought coming down to camp would be a good experience. Of course I agreed.

Jupiter and Venus were bright in the sky as they moved in. You can usually always tell if there’s a planet overhead, but I can currently only tell you what planet it is after I first look it up on my SkyView app. I have a Classical Astronomy textbook and Field Guide Study Journal that would teach me how to do it, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. I hope to, but don’t know if I ever will.

Saturday morning we dropped Dad off at the train station. He’s currently on his way to the western edge of Montana. Every year in February he goes away for these camp trips. While I yearly have to wrestle through him going away on trips without me, I do want him to have a good time. The pictures I have seen make the northern part of the country look like it’s own remote snow planet.

This morning I left church early to join my parents for a car ride. We traveled up to Lexington for the visitation of a church family friend. God always provided families for ours during various parts of our lives and this was one of those families. I also saw the parents of one of my high school best friends and talked to them for a little while. It’s amazing to me how love travels through time.

My parents dropped me back off at the then empty church parking lot. We’d driven two cars this morning so the kids could drive over to meet Grandma and Papa after church. The big kids had a basketball game to go to this afternoon, and super bowl parties this evening in town. I visited with my in-laws, then came home with the boys. We enjoyed our meal of popcorn for supper.

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