“When cradling a baby, mothers tend to use the left arm, positioning the baby’s ear over the aorta and strongest heartbeat.”
~Gregg Johnson, PhD~*

This afternoon we met my in-laws for lunch at Red Robin. We tend to rotate between three different places. The waitress impressed me during our previous visit when she automatically knew what one of my sons wanted to order. She said the rest of us switch up our orders but he always orders the same thing. I’d never really noticed what he ordered myself. I took note of what it was, and today when he ordered, it was the same again.

We had a light snow over the weekend which didn’t stay long. By Saturday morning the roads were clear again. We had a busy day with camp things, first with a pancake breakfast and then an afternoon board meeting. The other kids stayed here while I took our son to one of his track meets. We had an enjoyable drive and the track meet wasn’t too bad. My tolerance for these events becomes more and more normal as time goes on.

I’ve still been borderline obsessing over the article I mentioned in my previous post. It’s easier to read other people’s thoughts about things than it is to try and write out your own. This afternoon when I went in to nap I ended up getting distracted with reading. I could hardly believe my eyes when the above lovely sentence jumped out at me. I then polled my sisters and a friend asking what side they cradled their babies on. They all said left.

*Chapter 16: Biological Basis for Gender-Specific Behavior, Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

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