“Both Creator and creation are joined together forever in Christ.”
~Joshua Ryan Butler~

Josh Butler’s Beautiful Union book came in the mail this week. I couldn’t resist buying it and wanted to give the book a chance. After the whole debacle with his original TGC article, The Gospel Coalition took the article down and directed readers instead to a downloadable first chapter of his book. I read it, and when I did, it seemed to me the book and its message had some potential.

So I started with the second chapter since I’d already read the first one. His chapter is titled Why Sunsets Are Beautiful. His reason delighted me, saying sunsets enchant us because it’s where two become one. The night and the day. The same thing happens with the sunrise, where for a moment in time the day and night merge to create the magic we know as the glow of the morning.

Genesis 1 identifies the structure of these pairs. Land and sea. Day and night. Heaven and earth. The places on earth that charm us most are where these pairs come together. Backyard sunsets. Mountain views. Ocean shores. God creates the man and the woman and completes this picture. The greatest union comes in the person of Jesus. Divinity and humanity. One love made whole.

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