Good Friday 2021

“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God”
1 Peter 3:18

I’ve been having a hard time writing any updates here. Written words are spilling out all over me but I can’t seem to catch them in time or when I do, there seems to be no relevant place to put them or appropriate form for them to take. I’m just wanting something that comes out sounding more like, “Hi. This is me. I’m a regular person.”

Yesterday was another day in bed. Soon after the day got going I recalled the words “tremendously better” I’d used here to describe how I’d been doing and wondered if that had been the best choice of words. Tremendously better is how I felt for four days. Yesterday I was extra tired again, so I mostly stayed in bed and rested some more.

Today I’m at peace with being not as tired as I was yesterday, but not as incredibly better as I was for four days. I remember a patient I used to take care of in the hospital. He was a younger middle aged man with MS. Every morning I walked in to his room and asked, “How are you today?”, his answer was a sometimes a sleepy, sometimes a quiet, and even sometimes a chipper, “Better than I deserve.” He was a believer in Jesus.

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