Frosted Windows

Every day I feel a little better. Before getting sick I had actually been feeling really good physically and had had some great months towards the end of the year. At one point I’d walked a section of the lake trail by myself and at a fairly normal speed. The lake trail is pretty hilly and rugged, so I remember feeling like to walk it was a pretty big deal. Cardiovascular-wise I still can’t lift too much, but that is slowly getting better as well.

I had a visit with the chiropractor yesterday. I’d taken an “urges” quiz back in November that I hadn’t been back to find out the results of. My two highest urges were creativity and self-expression, and that those two were extremely high. He said I need to find ways to express those, though I’m not fully sure what the difference is between the two. To me, I’ve been needing to find ways to give of myself more to the outside world.

A few years ago I started reading the blog Small Things by Ginny Sheller. She’s a mom of I’m not exactly sure how many, at least 8 or 9 kids, and she recently just had a baby. She’s a catholic mom who homeschools and runs a little online shop with small things she hand makes like dyed scarves or goat soap from the goat they have. I always enjoy reading her blog even though she’s not writing about anything extraordinary, just the normal things of life, including showing pictures of the puzzles she does. I remember thinking that if readers show up to see pictures of this woman’s puzzles, then I’m not going to worry about what I’m writing here and just write about more basic things too.

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