If you’re so smart, so strong
and I’m weak
Then why is it me
who has carried your sins?

Carry your own
except, wait
That’s God’s job

Could it be that I’m projecting
my own fear, my own anger
Fear that you will never change
Anger that you haven’t yet

We’ve changed enough for me
to love you, but not enough
for me to trust us.

I don’t want to be the one
to admit my faults either
But at least I know them
inside and out

We can know each other’s bodies
and be equally pleased
But does my mind, do my cries
have nothing to teach you?

Will I always need to bite my tongue?
the exchange
for a pain far less
than a ravaged heart

Does something in me
stir up something in you?
That makes you want
to turn away

Hahahahahahaha, we’ll see
Afraid is the last thing you’d be
with me

They warned me not to make you
God, said you couldn’t be God
I didn’t listen

Because I knew that you were better
than gods and kings
somewhere, somehow
Your humanity was mine

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