It’s been a busier past couple of days. Nothing out of the ordinary, just enough extra outings and commitments to keep me from the normal space and time to settle down. I called off school today to give the boys time to sleep in and rest. A few kids have had low-grade fevers here and there. Four of the kids and three of the cats have colds.

But also, the off day was for me to catch up. If the weekends are fuller and the weekly reset doesn’t happen in terms of clean-up and down time, then Mondays become the catch up day. That’s what it was today at least. My sleep hasn’t been the greatest this past week or two. Anymore it doesn’t take long for lack of sleep to catch up with me.

The big sigh of relief I was waiting for after finishing last week’s presentation came this afternoon when I realized all I have to do for tonight’s class is show up. Three more weeks of classes and this first 8-week session is over. The major thing I have left to do is write a ten page paper due on the 26th. We’re supposed to pick one of the textbook’s theories and write a paper on it. It can’t be the same one we presented on.

I’ve been thinking about over-explaining, which is supposedly some kind of adaptive response connected to times in your life of not feeling heard. I feel like God is bringing peace to this long-held inner needing to be heard and understood. I’m hoping that as these inner parts of me continue to heal, God can take the over-explaining, opening space for time and words where I am also able to explain other things.

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