The ants, ticks, and snakes will soon be making their appearances. I prefer those appearances remain low as far as my own human eyes are concerned. In other words, I like it better when I don’t see them–not, God forbid, as the result of being blind, but rather because our paths do not cross. I already found ants in the garbage this afternoon. This morning we started giving the indoor/outdoor cats their tick treatments. It seems sufficient to give it to them 1-2 times in the spring, and often once in the fall.

I’ve taken five naps in the past three days. One on Monday before lunch, then another before I had to leave for class. One yesterday morning, and then another before leaving for the track meet which I went to while the others went to the baseball game. And then again today, this afternoon, before walking down to the lake where the boys were picking up sticks to clear the grass for the mower. I honestly can’t say whether or not these naps are something my body needs or if they’re just something I’m giving in to.

It feels needed anyway, and I do feel better and more awake when I get up. We’re starting our Grief Share group tonight at church, which I am looking forward to, but haven’t really processed. I don’t have a clear idea yet of what exactly my role is, but am comfortable with showing up and discovering it. Each session last two hours, with announcements and weekly review on the front end, a 40-45 minute video in the middle, followed by additional group discussion along with any closing thoughts and prayers.

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