I took the week off camp to stay home and rest more. This continues to be an up and down journey for me of learning to live within my limits along with discovering and rediscovering what those limits even are. As time goes on, I’m feeling more and more convicted to stop with the comparing of my current body and self to my previous body and self. The point of where I am now is not to return to some former state of health. God, instead, is moving all of us forward.

My friend Gretchen passed away this week. I’d asked for prayers for her earlier this year, so thanks to anyone who did say a prayer for her. She truly was a wonderful person and I’m thankful for the years of fellowship we had and that God gave to our group of circuit wives. Her husband wrote that she was finally with Jesus, which for as long as he’d known her was the place she’d wanted to be most. I’ve never had the kind of faith where I regularly long to be with Jesus. I do long for the coming world free of pain, death, and sorrow.

My sister and I have plans to go to a concert tomorrow evening in St. Louis. I was hoping to feel better again enough to go, which after resting again I have been feeling better. I enjoy these weekend times when the kids are all home and we’re able to catch our breath between camp weeks. The summers always go by fast, even as they run in a different standard of time. I’m reminded again of God’s good gifts and the wonderful places we’ve lived by his blessing.

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