“Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows.”
~C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce~

You know what’s something I never think whenever I hear of actual people who’ve had affairs, either through social media, or with someone they know from church or work, or however and wherever else these things happen? I absolutely never think, under any circumstances, that the people involved in the affair must be meant for each other. There is no thought of, Hmm. I guess their spouses weren’t the rightful people after all.”

Heck, no.

There is no thought of, “Maybe in another life, somewhere down the road, those two people will end up together.” Can I empathize with how relationships can be hard and complicated and how the people involved in them are deeply flawed individuals with their own hosts of problems? Yes I can. Do people have weakness and proclivities that serve as fuel for poor choices that get them into trouble even if they didn’t go looking for it? Yes. But never in a million years does affair equal destiny. The ramifications, the absolute horrors that would have to play out if this were true, is unthinkable to me.

Lord, have mercy.

Adultery and murder always go together.

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