The kids already finished their puzzle. Today has been one of those cozy, home with mostly absolutely nothing else going on days. They don’t happen nearly as much anymore, though they remain one of my absolute favorites of family life. Yesterday after searching for stocking stuffers and other still needed gifts, I spent some time sorting though bags and wrapping. It seemed by then as though my Christmas spirit had returned.

We did have something to do this morning. Josh scheduled a camp polar plunge for 10AM. I wasn’t completely against the idea, but I wasn’t really super excited about it either. I tend to get nervous when people’s bodies are being taxed, and I don’t find as much thrill in the types of events which seem extreme and unnecessary, though if I were in a different place physically and more comfortable with my own health, I may have done it too.

But as it was God was merciful and sent me his peace. I drove down and had the car warm, both for myself and for anyone else who might need it. A beach fire served to keep others warm also. Each of them did what they had set out to do, and by the time we were all warmed and drinking hot chocolate in the dining hall, I was glad for them. They all seemed to have had a good time.

We also had our first accumulated snowfall of the season. As I type, the temperature is -3 degrees with a “feels like” temperature of -28. I was grateful to be warm and inside again this afternoon. Dad and the kids watched The Santa Clause, as we try to yearly watch many of the Christmas movies. Tonight we’re having pork with oven-roasted carrots and potatoes for supper.

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