The older kids had another dance this evening. I told my son he could invite up to fifteen people over for supper. We did this once last year with about ten and it was a wonderful time. Tonight we had seven plus the rest of the kids. Our meal plans have been working well, though I haven’t followed one this week. I tend to revert back to old habits when my husband is away, especially when it comes to cooking, where I just live day to day.

I went back to the store this morning to get the rest of the food I would need for the meal. One of the other moms sent along rolls, a dessert, and lemonade, which was a big help. I said a prayer before the meal, which to me is one of the small and simple ways I can minister to others. Tonight we thanked the Lord for the gift of love and friendship, as well as for the love of God shown to us in Jesus on the cross. Each one is special.

Both times the night went fast and they were in and out before I knew it. I cried again when they left, momentarily overwhelmed by the changes of life and these passing moments. They were here and then they were gone, and I was beyond blessed to have been able to share in the joy. I drove my daughter to school, as the girls had made their own plans just to go and meet there. When I returned the boys had cleared the table.

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