I reinjured my back this morning at church. Because I had been moving around better yesterday and because I also was scheduled to teach Sunday School this morning, I went to church. I went to sit in the cry room where I could have more privacy and where I could sit without the going up and down throughout the service. Instead of lifting or moving the chair with my arms, I tried to push the chair closer to the window with my foot. That ended up being a bad idea.

At the current moment I’m finding this frustrating plus I am also in pain. Tonight camp has their annual banquet down at the dining hall. I was very much looking forward to going and hearing the speaker, sharing the meal, and just being down there. I’m back to crawling around on the floor again, alone in my bed. We had an unexpected guest this afternoon, a pastor’s wife whose husband had an unexpected hospital visit. It was frustrating to not be able to visit with her more.

One of the boys just came back to bring up some food for me. I was basically holding it together until I saw him. He put some dressing on my salad and brought me water and ibuprofen. I said to him then, “I need you to sit here for a minute”. I envisioned him sitting up closer to my head where I could wrap my arms around his waist and bury my head in his lap while I sobbed. He said, “Okay” and sat down on the bed. I didn’t ask him to come closer but it ended up being close enough.

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