My dad called to see how things had gone with the storms. He usually calls to let us know when they’re coming, which he did that too, and I noticed then I had missed it. He’s always been one to keep an eye on the weather, especially this time of year when tornado warnings come around.

It wasn’t too bad here. We had rain, hail, and thunderstorms, but the winds didn’t seem too crazily high. We rode into Sherman where we heard there’d been a possible touchdown. On the way we saw a line of around six snapped power line poles, the top halves nowhere to be seen.

The power went out later this evening and the internet also. It wasn’t too long before it came back on, about an hour. In the meantime Dad and a few of the kids told stories. We were all in the living room with flashlights and candles. When the power came back everyone finished their show.

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