I decided just to go ahead and use my SkyView app for starting to learn the constellations. It’s super easy. All you have to do is go to the app store and type in SkyView. It’s the free one so it’s actually SkyView Lite. The field journal I have has been on my nightstand for months and is a beautiful book. Other than looking through it a few times, I haven’t gotten to it with everything else.

Maybe at some point I might still try to learn them the other way, like when you’re logging your field hours and drawing the pictures. But I wasn’t learning them at all by not doing anything, so I decided to start with Orion and work around from there. Certain constellations are only visible certain times of the year. They say winter is when he’s most visible in the Northern Hemisphere.

The next one is Taurus which is to the upper right of Orion. The app is nice too because it shows you a drawing-like picture of what the constellation is supposed to be, in this case, a bull. I’m trying to be able to just look up and find him, like on clear night when we happen to be getting home after dark. Gemini is an easier one to Orion’s upper left. Leo I can find because his body is a trapezoid.

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