Tonight we had a dinner auction for the high school. The kids spent the evening with Grandma and Papa and watched a Cardinals game after supper. When we’re here the kids listen to the games on the radio, so seeing them play on TV is always a treat for them. The boys are staying overnight but the big kids are back now.

People keep asking us where our son is going to college. The answer is we don’t know. He doesn’t really know what he wants to do after school. I’ve told him off and on for several years that I think he would make a great teacher and coach. He used to say he wanted to play baseball for the Cardinals. I never knew what to say when he said that.

There was a baby at the table next to us tonight at the auction. Whenever I see a baby I often mentally guess at the baby’s age. In the first year I can usually tell what age a baby is by looking at them. They were passing her around between the parents and another couple. I thought about asking if I could hold her but decided not to.

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