The boys made a bench using two metal end pieces they found in the woods. I could hear them drilling through the bedroom window. When I finally saw it I was very impressed. The rusted screws blended perfectly with the laminate floor pieces they’d taken from I’m not even sure where they found them. They didn’t ask me, and I maybe could’ve used those floor boards for something.

You can’t really sit on it, or at least you wouldn’t want to sit more than one person. But they were satisfied with their work and so was I. The kids have found very strange things in the woods. On the corner of the road before you fully turn into the camp property, there’s a curve where the woods drop off into a sort of ravine. This is part of camp property too but not a part we frequent often.

One day while we were all taking a walk we saw that someone had dumped two leather recliners over the guardrails. Another time at that same corner somebody dumped a garbage bag of deer legs. If the recliners had been left up at the corner, someone could’ve picked them up from the road and probably used them. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do though with a bag of deer legs.

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