States of Matter

“A characteristic of Law is that friction, pain, and penalty result from its violation. Penalty is the shock we feel when we collide with Law. Speaking exactly, Law itself cannot be broken. If we transgress it, the Law remains intact, and we are broken.”
~Rays of the Dawn, Dr. Thurman Fleet~

I asked the chiropractor if there was anything I could do at home. I meant was there a spot on my stomach I could push on, or some way to twist my body that would give me some more tools in my “Help Myself” toolbox. He said, “Yes, read the book I gave you.” I’m glad he said that because I hadn’t been reading it. I’d started reading the part about the four laws of the body and couldn’t get through it without feeling sick and anxious.

So I quit reading that part and moved on to the laws of the mind and the soul. I’ve found these parts to be surprisingly much more enjoyable and enlightening. After reading the above lines, I don’t think I could ever use the phrase “breaking the law” ever again. We do not bend rules, as if such a thing were possible. We do not break the law. We transgress the law. To transgress is to cross over or go beyond a boundary or limit.

To go beyond a boundary or limit is to cross over into territory we were not created to encounter or endure. From higher above the earth I can see the Law as a giant heart-shaped marking, the divine revelation of human reality. It’s like the arms of God giving a giant hug to humanity. It’s God saying, “Stay right here, close and next to me”.

But the heart of God was not enough for mankind. We wanted more, and with a kiss, betrayed him. At that point a hug was not enough for God either. He called out to us to return and come home, to love him, know him, be close to him again. We couldn’t hear him anymore, for we were too far away. But he could still hear us, see us, still want us.

Does the heart of God break or does the heart of God, right then, begin to beat? Jesus comes to the earth and he comes as a man, not to hide himself as we had tried to hide from him, but to show us fully who God is. He transgresses no law, for God cannot betray his being, or be anything other than who he is. So God is love. He is one for all.

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