I prayed for God to help me be productive today. I’ve got the feeling I have when there’ve been too many Saturdays of something going on. Josh and the most of the kids are at a confirmation retreat last night and today. I’m over the days of expending myself to clean to the house by myself. One of the boys and I went for a walk earlier. I swept the upstairs floor and folded a few loads of laundry. I journaled and also did some yoga.

I prayed and read from a book and an old journal. I complain about the excessive alone time, and yet I truly am grateful for the time God gives me to be by myself. He gives me a chance to feel all my feelings, think all my thoughts, and face the days knowing I am seen and loved by the grandeur of God. I also called my grandma this morning. Josh’s grandmother died earlier this week in her sleep. My grandmother is the only one left.

My son and I walked up the beach steps, the second time I have done that this year. There was a point where I truly didn’t know if I’d ever walk the ground of this camp again. Physical health is truly and blessing and gift from God. The boys and I spent every day we could in September down at the beach, and it was grand. That’s the second time I’ve used that word, because there is no other word close enough to describe it.

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