Shelves and Flooring

Yesterday Josh and I went to Menards to pick out flooring. It’s been on the to-do list to replace the carpet in our bedroom with a similar laminate to the rest of the upstairs. Our maintenance man came this morning and got a little more than half of it done. It often seems a project does not go as smoothly as you hoped it would. With this one the floor boards were too tall for the trim, so that’s going to have to be re-nailed. I’ve been wanting to give that room a makeover for a while, so this seems like the chance to do so. There are a few other house things that didn’t get done last winter, which perhaps can get done this one.

Back at the chiropractor this morning, I asked him if he’d seen a lot of sick people. He said he’d seen more sick people in the past two weeks than he’s seen in the past year. While I was there my counselor called to cancel her week’s appointments after testing positive for covid. My husband’s meeting for the high school was switched to a Zoom meeting because they want to limit the people coming into the building. I’m still feeling gradually better each day, but with a caution and illness’s memory still fresh in my mind. It’s like this sober state-of-being that says whatever I just got over, I do not want to get again, or catch anything else.

Homeschool continues to go well. We’ve got a really good routine this year. The boys are really good about keeping up with their work. I bought them each bookshelf baskets to keep their books in this year. It’s satisfying to me to see their books organized in their boxes on the shelf. Every so often I start to worry that they aren’t learning enough, that their math skills aren’t up to par, etc. It’s easy to brush it off during the pre-school and earlier elementary years saying that the play time, life skills, and lifestyle homeschooling provides make up for any lack of division abilities. But as the kids get older I feel that pressure more to make sure they’re learning the things needed for them to succeed not just in life, but in actual school. I do think they’re generally doing quite well, it’s just hard sometimes to not have that gauge or feedback letting me know that I’m doing well too.

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