We got some more snow last night. There’ve been enough snow days in the school year now that schools don’t call snow days as quickly. Josh had another chapel service this morning, this one also being over two hours away. He called to let me know the roads were slick, and to have the kids drive slower and leave earlier. I left home about quarter to seven this morning to walk over and cook for the quilting group that is here this weekend. The big kids texted me around 7:40 to let me know they’d made it to school. The ladies began coming out of their rooms around 7:45. The boys came over around 8.

Dad had told them to shovel and salt the sidewalk, so that’s what they did. For breakfast the quilting ladies had scrambled eggs, bacon, muffins, yogurt, and fruit. I had all kinds of thoughts this morning about the food service industry, everything that’s wrong with our camp kitchen, and why I don’t cook for camp on a regular basis anymore. But at the end of the day, none of that seems important. My food manager certificate is good for five years. It comes in handy on days like this, when the other two cooks were unavailable. The boys came in for breakfast, went home, then came back for lunch.

I finished watching City Lights last night. I didn’t have much of a reaction to it. I was waiting for the woman’s reaction, which I don’t feel like we fully got to see as the audience. When I searched online to read some reviews, as expected, I apparently missed a key point to the story. Charlie Chaplin’s character is poor, but the woman mistakenly thinks he is rich. I hadn’t noticed he was poor. I also didn’t realize that the woman all along thinks the man who’s helping her is rich. I’d have to watch it again to find where exactly that happens. But overall I enjoyed the movie and am glad to have watched it.

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