The kids won their conference track meet on Tuesday. Today we split up as there was a baseball game and track meet in different directions. Dad took the baseball game and I had the track meet, which we each left in time to meet back up for the evening service. The wind was horrendous, enough to be a main topic of conversation with even the parents you knew well. The baseball game ended with another third inning mercy rule.

We are nearing the end of the Lenten season. I think I am actually going to miss it, though with the soothed and lighter missing that brings joy and not sorrow. It’s a time for us all, to look forward to the weekly services culminating in Holy Week, and finally, the risen Lord. It’s become a kind of comfort almost, this remembrance of our Lord and yearly walk to the cross. I love that it happens here in the warmth and closeness of extended winter.

These little moments keep passing without the chance to stop and process them all. The boys at the track meet asked me for money. I had three dollars. When I went to give them the money, one of the dollar bills blew out of my hand. One of the dads momentarily tried to chase it, before it whipped behind the concession stand. I certainly wasn’t going to run after it. The boys took off around the corner and came back with the dollar.

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