One of the boys and I went shopping this morning. He had a list of a few things he was looking for and errands he needed to run. I didn’t really feel well enough to take him, which seems to be the way it is these days. The multiple stops seemed to wearing me out with every step, but at his suggestion, we did manage to get an indoor ferris wheel ride in. I’ve been looking for a few things myself, including a bedspread and sheet set for our guest bed down stairs. I am of course searching for the “perfect” one, though have yet to find anything that stands out to me.

Along with that I was looking for those fabric storage bins that go in those cube shelves you see all over the place these days. Because they’ll be in the same room, I want the colors of the bins to match the colors of the bedspread. After three different stores and finding nothing, I’m probably just going to try looking online next. I apologize if this all sounds unbearably drab and materialistic. Even my son commented, while we stared at the comforter hues of whites, beiges, and greys, that there doesn’t seem to be very many colors.

I thought his lips looked pale while we were riding in the car. He’s getting over being sick, which tends to happen anytime someone does back-to-back camp weeks. He said they were just dry. I drove through McDonalds and ordered two strawberry banana smoothies hoping some hydration and nutrition would perk us both up. The smoothies were refreshing and we both did feel better afterwards. I stayed in the car while he went into the library to return and exchange his books. After that we came home, and I had the weary joy of showing my husband my sort-of-impulse buy for the day. I’ve been talking about getting a paddleboard to use at the lake, thinking it would be gentle mild exercise and water exposure.

He pumped it up for me. This afternoon we drove down to the beach and briefly tested it out. Since this past month I’ve been more tired again, I haven’t been down to the lake to swim. I went to the doctor again last week, this time my blood pressure being low. He said he thought I needed to drink more water and eat more greens. He did bloodwork and told me it should be back by the end of the week. I called yesterday asking if they’d received back any results, and the receptionist said she was glad I called because they should’ve been back by now. She was going to get ahold of the lab and get back to me. I called again this afternoon to follow up and she said it was on his list to get back to me when he knew something, but that nothing had come back yet.

The whole thing can really bother me if I start to let it get to me. I really am thankful for the access to health care we have in this country, but the healthcare experiences can be extremely discouraging in times like this when something either falls through the cracks, there is no follow-up, or the doctors aren’t able to do much for you. So much of personal health care involves doing your own research. The thing about eating well or taking care of yourself in any way, is that it requires energy and strength for people to do those things, and when you’re sick, strength and energy are the very thing you don’t have.

The boys and I spent some time in the school room later this afternoon. Little by little we’ve been making progress in here. Before Gretchen and her family left for Korea, she stopped by camp and gave me several boxes full homeschool books and supplies she wasn’t needing anymore. She homeschooled four children all the way through, with the exception of her oldest who I believe went to Kindergarten. I’ve thinned out my school books as time goes on, but a lot of her stuff I still have, including books I’ve held onto in case I ever do homeschool for high school. It is still kind of a dream of mine, though one I hold loosely, without the need to look too far ahead. This morning Josh and I drove down to main camp to show the kids the letter we’d received in the mail from the high school. Our oldest holds the number two spot for class rank, and our daughter was first.

I’ve been thinking summer might be a good time to take some time away from this blog. Generally I find blogging to be a positive addition to my life, but every so often I think it contributes to getting stuck in my head more and falling into thought patterns that are not as helpful for me now. I’ve got some family coming in over the next weeks, as well as a few things with our church that I’m needing to clear out some headspace for and devote my attention to. I don’t plan to be away too terribly long (a month?), but I’m also not the one in charge of life’s timelines, or one to be able to make hard and fast rules for myself. I pray your summers are blessed and restful. As always, thank you for reading and being a witness to my life.

3 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Andi

    I’ll miss you this summer. Please take care and rest all you can. Spend as much of it as you can outdoors. That’s where I feel closest to God. Hugs.


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