I want to say I wasn’t
the only one who was proud

It was me who cried out
my words that were written

For years and years
in my collection of books

My truth came before you:
I am sick, heal my heart

I pleaded for you
to redeem this suffering


So why this? Why now?
Why not before?

I asked for healing
not to be broken even more

Things could’ve been different
you could’ve hurt me

Even more than you did
when you walked away fine

Still able to rise without
the hand of God holding


you down in your anger
his hand on your heart

You didn’t know me
You didn’t love me

Of all people, you
you are the one

I have shielded
And I will scream

And I did, with a hatred
so deep

so deep

You burst my bonds
You tore the sea in two

You opened the way
for love to come through

“It was the Spirit”, I first said
with his groans too deep

But no, no it wasn’t
He changed my answer

The scream, it was me
every decibel no more

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