At some point I’m going to have to get serious about making some significant progress on the paper that is due this Monday. Between now and next Friday, split between two papers, there are anywhere between 30-35 pages that need to be written and turned in. At the beginning of class Monday night our professor asked if anyone had any prayer requests. I raised my hand and asked for prayers for everyone and their papers. During his prayer he prayed that his students would know they were sharp and could do these things.

In some ways talking about it feels like I’m bragging. Like I’m saying, “Oh look at me. Look how many pages I have to write.” And so I’ve tried just to be mature and not talk about it. Like at some point writing papers is just what you do. Today was more of a miscellaneous day. Two of the boys still need dental forms so I called about that. I’d forgotten to bring a background check paper to class, so I mailed it. We had an online exam due that I did this afternoon. I don’t have room in this paragraph to list each little thing.

Advent services started tonight. Josh had to preach so he took the kids early. I skipped the Advent meal and heated up some leftover corn chowder. There was just enough for one serving. It was cold and windy here today, so it felt good and nourishing to eat something warm. While I was finishing my soup Josh called and said the church was out of power, as was the town. He wanted to know if I could bring a lantern when I came in. I sat with the kids briefly then went into the sanctuary. People used phones and candles as lights.

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