We had a good Thanksgiving weekend. Every year is just a little bit different, and this was the year of needing help with the groceries. By the beginning of last week, it was like my brain had temporarily short-circuited. Everyone else has a full plate too, but between school and a few extra church things I’m also involved with, I couldn’t focus as fully on Thanksgiving as I have in past years. Add to that that planning is not my strength and the conditions had formed for me to be overwhelmed.

My parents and one of my sisters pitched in. Honestly everyone pitches in somehow. By the middle of last week I was able to take some of the food shopping back. I made the list and sent it to my husband and daughter who were out running errands (We had planned for me to do this). Physically I felt quite well over the weekend, and still do now in the two days after. Every day I give thanks for good health, if not directly, then in some sort of pondering as I’m going about the day.

Tonight is another night of class. I’m still very much enjoying school, even as it causes me and others some stress at times. There is thankfully a fridge full of leftover food, which the family can eat for most of this week. Today we had leftover lasagna for lunch. There is a bunch of lettuce that didn’t get eaten, as well as several pounds of onions and celery that I still need to cut up and put in quart bags to freeze. It will be handy to have them on hand for soups with the turkey bones.

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