For the past almost two years I’ve been listening to the piano music of Dan Musselman daily. The first album I started with is called Healing: Two Hours of Instrumental Worship. When I no longer listened to it at night before bed, I played sections throughout the day, over and over. Last year he came out with an album called Calm which I also have listened to almost daily and continue to play as my day to day background music. His music has been a blessing to me.

Recently on his Instagram he announced a new album called Peaceful Piano Worship. He says it is based on the music he listened to from Spotify’s Peaceful Piano playlist. Inspired by his post I searched for a peaceful piano worship playlist on Spotify. Since then I have enjoyed the hearing again of so many worship songs from the period of time when I was in high school, when worship music was a regular part of my life. I remembered songs I hadn’t heard in years.

Sometimes worship music gets made fun of and put down. I understand the concerns about it. I’ve also been one who loves to sing these kinds of songs, and I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about them that feels like your soul is being freed to speak the words we’ve been created to sing and speak for the entirety of our lives. There are songs you sing about God, and there are songs you sing to God, directly to him. The best ones are the ones you sing straight to him.

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