“…for they shall inherit the earth.”
~Matthew 5:5~

Everybody is back to school now. Yesterday was my first night returning after a much needed and very much enjoyed break from obligations and assignments of the academic kind. All in all I loved last semester, but I was also tired by the end. I am currently not at all looking forward to continuing with the online board posts and responses. I have one more semester long online class and then I am done with those. The rest continue to be the 8-week quarter classes. I like having the quarters.

Tonight again we watched the latest episode of The Chosen. So far I’ve still been liking the show. It can feel risky giving opinions on things because you never know how certain shows are going to develop. It does start to feel a little much at times with the way the livestreams or social media accounts emphasize the emotional responses of the viewers. To highlight the emotion takes away from the scene or the story that produced it.

Yet we do this at times. I do think, at times, it rightly human to do so. To say, “I cried five different times”, or “this brought me to tears” is to offer up evidence in the most accurate, intimate, and verifiable way. The tears are proof that something inside us has happened. What the show continues to do very well is portray the fallen human condition in an accurate, intimate, and still pitiable way, so that in some sense we are given “eyes”, a glimpse into the heart of God himself.

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