The schoolwork is starting to pick back up again. Monday night we had our first pop reading quiz. This is my first class with this particular teacher, who is known for being the most strict of all of them. The program has three full-time professors, and is currently looking for a fourth. I haven’t actually counted, but I’d say this is more of a medium-sized class compared with the class sizes I’ve had in the other semesters.

Four men, and maybe twelve women. Because I started in the spring, I go back and forth between core groups, that is, groups of students who began the program in the fall. My first semester I was with the group that started in Fall of 2021. For the fall semester I was with a different group, the group just starting in Fall of 2022. I got used to being with them, a smaller group of women more my age who I got to know a little more.

So I do miss them, but I like this group too. For this class, the last hour from 9-10 is when we split into two groups for our family therapy role-play sessions. This week I was one of the two therapists counseling a family; a husband, wife, and two teenagers. You’re half-way on your own just making things up, and half-way being coached by the teacher when you get stuck. Next I switch to playing the Dad for a few weeks.

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