Yesterday we had our final exam for our Family Systems class. In the program so far, the in-person exams are the hardest things we’ve had to do, in my opinion. There have only been two of them like this. For this one we were given a family case study including the problems being experienced by a seven member family. Then we had two and a half hours to answer ten questions, write out a care plan, and draw a genogram.

I have a short essay to write for tomorrow for my other class and then we are on spring break for a while. This semester long class is called Understanding the Stone-Campbell Movement: My Heritage. The Stone-Campbell Movement is also known as the Restoration Movement. It’s about the history of the group of churches that are presently known as Churches of Christ, Disciples of Christ, or Christian Churches of Christ.

I’ve literally never heard of any of these people or any of this history. I sometimes wish I had all day long to do nothing but read about obscure histories like this. This evening we are getting together with my in-laws to celebrate the two boys latest birthdays. The boys chose IHOP. The big kids have a track meeting, so they’re supposed to go to that and then meet us at the restaurant. Baseball practice starts today for the spring.

All these moving parts do stress me out at times. It’s not like a lose my cool type of stress. Those days are pretty much over and are over. It’s more like a blank and bewildered staring into space where I get an email from my daughter asking about going this place or that, and typing back “Yes, that’d be fine” like it’s the most normal thing in the world for my kids to all of a sudden be everywhere else except here in my presence.

This afternoon for lunch Dad and the boys and I ate at the CGC. There was an LWML group here for their quarterly district meeting. The cook invited us over which was nice. It was warm enough we could eat outside on the picnic table just outside the building. We had chicken soup, salad, fruit, rolls, and a blueberry dessert. The ladies were in and out, stopping to chat as they walked by. The cook gave us soup to take home.

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