It’s been one of those consistently cloudy winters. It happens every couple of years that instead of blue sky and single digits, you get more grey skies and temps in the 40’s and 30’s. Where most of my siblings had snow last week, we had rain. It rained again last night and a significant portion of the morning. For a brief time before school the rain did stop and the sun and sky could be seen.

This morning I went to Lowe’s to buy two more dehumidifiers. One for the upstairs, and one for the schoolroom, since that one is still trying to work in the boys’ room. The schoolroom was smelling the way it does when it rains, which happens if you leave the dehumidifier off for any extended period of time. My sister was on her way to mop up some of the flooding at her church.

Obviously this does getting me thinking about mold. We probably should’ve gotten a few extra dehumidifiers years ago. There are three spots in the basement that I know of that flood, but they only do so when there have been larger than usual amounts of rain within a short period of time. I picked the boys up from school (Dad was helping Uncle Glenn) and they helped me unload them.

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