It snowed a little today. This morning I opened the window and it was bitter cold, the kind where you don’t go outside. I drove up I-55, then I-39 to meet my sister halfway. She’d taken Elianna to spend a few days of spring break with her cousins. The nieces and aunts ate lunch at a Subway. After that we had to get gas, something I don’t like to do when it’s windy and cold. I had to lean against the car door so I could even get out and when I stepped outside my sandal blew off to the other side of the van. I’d bought my boots along too.

After that I came home and went straight to bed. I rested for about an hour before heading over to the CGC where I was needing to make supper for the group here this weekend. I mostly never have to cook for camp anymore, but earlier in the week my husband asked if I’d do it. Even last year I found the kitchen work too much to do for too long. I would need to sit down and catch my breath. Tonight though wasn’t bad and I didn’t need to sit down. After several years of being here you get to know the repeat groups. This group is particular about their meals, but still nice.

I went to bed again soon after coming home from there. I still have the shaking that happens after doing more “stressful” things. I can control it and mostly stop it if I want to, but if I do that I will also get these almost body shocks that want to jump start the shaking again. So I let it go. It’s like this simultaneous form of decompression with a subconscious way of saying to myself, “It’s ok. You’re alright.” I have a video from 2021 I’d sent to my sisters of this same thing happening after folding a load of laundry. It’s doing a lot better.

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