The kids are back to school this week. Last week remains to me much of a blur as I could tell you what everyone else what doing but not so much of whatever it is I was doing. Dad and Ethan took a trip down to Florida. The left early on Wednesday and returned late on Friday. They drove all that way to watch a three hour baseball game, eat supper afterwards, and then drive back home. The Cardinals were playing for their spring training.

It was fun for me to watch their travel progress on my phone. I would kind of get emotional whenever I would see their little dot moving so determined down the road. For a time in there the boys and I just did our own thing. They made a sleeping area in the living room one night and watched videos of a some guy trying to beat a Minecraft world record. I made taco soup one night for us to eat. We made it to church on Wednesday evening.

I struggle to order and maintain basic life habits as it is but it’s amazing to me how it all falls apart when Dad’s gone. Within days the pile of books and clothes has re-exploded in our room. The boys grazed for lunch and eventually I eat something. I started a book on addictions. I wrote an entire post summarizing the first chapter of the book then deleted it because I was afraid of saying something wrong or not understanding right.

Thursday evening we had a board of directors meeting at church. After the meetings the pastor has been taking us through this evangelism series called Every One His Witness. I have often heard things about the apostle Paul regarding how well he was educated. He was trained in rhetoric and a student of the law, even a Pharisee of Pharisees as he calls himself. I was encouraged then to be reminded that what he had was something else.

Paul was filled with the Holy Spirit, which is something we all have as believers in Christ. It was the Spirit’s power by which he wrote all his letters, gave Acts 17 speeches, and bore witness to Christ. This morning it was chilly again when we stepped outside for the ride to school. I played a few songs from Kids Sing Praise 5: Psalty’s Camping Adventure. The big kids used to watch it some but the boys would’ve been too small to remember.

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