Dad had to preach tonight for church. The boys and I rode along and we arrived around 6 for the Lenten meal. They served shepherd’s pie, green beans, garlic bread, and dessert. I have this weird thing with Lenten meals where I always walk away from the line feeling like my entrée serving size was too small. I saved the shepherd’s pie for last and it slowly. The younger boys it seems are eating more and more these days and I wonder sometimes if they’re just trying to keep up with their brother or if they’re genuinely hungry.

The big kids had track practice then stayed in town to go to another church’s youth group. Between practice and church they stopped at a boy friend’s house for grilled cheese and soup. One time last year they came home after practice and we immediately left for the Lenten meal. The elders were in charge and had signed up to make breakfast food. When we got there they had already run so low on food that everybody got a 2x2in piece of egg casserole. I was definitely disappointed but I also thought it was funny.

It is the only time I can remember that I have ever used the parenting line, “Now kids we really need to be grateful and remember there are starving kids in Africa.” Dad left to go get ready for church while the boys and I finished up. I wanted to walk and get in some steps before church. I told the boys they could play but that they could not run inside. They decided to come with me and went outside so they could run. The weather was warmer this evening so we didn’t need coats. Soon we settled in, quieting down for evening prayer.

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