The boys needed haircuts this evening. Everyone gets haircuts before Christmas and Easter, at least anyone whose hair is looking like it needs trimmed. I got my haircut two months ago for the second time since covid. I originally asked her for two inches off and when she looked at it she said it really needed four in order to get back to the healthy parts. So I reluctantly agreed to the length, even though I knew that meant it was going to be too short for a while.

We had a nice visit with my in-laws this afternoon. I’ve been on a bit of a food planning kick. Last Saturday while thinking up a new weekly menu, I asked if they wanted to come over for Palm Sunday lunch. Holy Week has completely snuck up on me. I don’t know even know what really happened to Lent. Josh used to give his dad haircuts every so often after lunch. After his first chemo treatment he lost his hair, and it hasn’t been cut since it started falling out.

One of the boys wasn’t thrilled about his hair. He gets down and quiet whenever something is bothering him. I’ve been cutting their hair lately and it isn’t unusual for one or two to dislike it at first. They do the same thing when dad cuts it so I know it isn’t just me. Josh cuts his own hair and has done so for as long as I’ve known him. He used to let me cut it sometimes during the summer when we worked here. I occasionally still help him with the back if he asks.

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