The grass takes on a deep green this time of year. It’s been mowed at least once now and it always smells so nice those first few days after. There is a lot of grass to mow out here and each year it seems to vary on whose job this is. It’s never just up to one person to mow it. Josh does some, the kids do some, there’s often a different volunteer each year who is around to help out with it.

After church we spent the day at my in-laws house. Before my father-in-law’s cancer diagnosis, he had just gotten all of his land arrangements finalized with his farm land. They don’t own a ton, but it is enough for him to make a living farming it himself without needing a partner or a job on the side to supplement. They’d planned to build a house on the farm. They’ve met with an architect and have plans to start on the house this spring.

The remainder of the day has been for resting at home. Uncle Glenn is next door staying in a camp room for the night. He lives in Northern Illinois now and drives a truck for a living. Uncle Mark and Aunt Cyndy were at lunch today too, along with their two daughters Christina and Clara. Josh told me later this evening that he was glad we got married and had a family. I told him I was too.

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