On Good Friday afternoon we took the taps out of the trees. It was a beautiful spring day that we used for catching up on little odd jobs. We used different trees this year–I can’t remember if I said that. Instead of the bottom of the big hill closer to the creek we stayed mostly up by the camping area. There are three bigger ones up here that we also tried last year that have really good yields.

We had our family pancake meal a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t end up boiling all the sap this year, just enough to make some syrup to use. We really do need to get the taps in sooner, like toward the end of January where the trees can run for the next six weeks. Neither of us had capacity to give much time to the process but I feel like each time we still come away having learned.

I took a good half hour nap this afternoon and it still feels like I could fall right back asleep. We have class tonight with a speaker coming to talk about substance abuse and working in an outpatient rehab facility. This has probably been my least favorite class so far, plus the topic just isn’t fun. Addictions seem to be some of the worst conditions to have ever afflicted the human race.

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