After the track meet the boys played on the baseball field for a while. We brought along a picnic supper to eat, so the grown-ups sat on a bench and ate their sandwiches as spectators. The track kids were eating right across the street at one of the local town restaurants, which is a school tradition following the conference meet.

Out of four smaller area schools, the boys team placed first which they’ve done for several years in a row. The girls team placed a close second this year. One of the runners hurt his hip during the hurdles and couldn’t finish the race. He grabbed his hip and laid down in the grass. After wondering for a moment what we should do if anything, there were soon several of us who went out to him.

His dad plus two senior boys helped to carry him out of the track area. They got him to where he was leaning on a railing and off his hurt leg. His parents went to get his clothes and backpack as well as their cars to take him to the nearby urgent care. Another dad helped his dad get him from the railing to the car. They left for Chatham.

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