It really is like we’re these groupies traveling around from town to town following these athletes while they play their sports. I really do enjoy it but it just kind of baffles me that we do this as parents. They always said that to be a good parent you’re not supposed to live a child-centered life where the family revolves around the child or children. Instead, it is supposed to be the parents who set the family agenda and culture, with the children being the ones who are along for the ride.

But like most everything else, there’s the theory that sounds good, and then there’s real life. I’ve always thought that if there was a sure and certain way that gets a baby to sleep through the night, then every mom on earth would know this valuable information. But kids are different, and what works for one very well might not at all work for another. I feel like most of the time our babies were pretty good sleepers. There was only one who I remember having any trouble with, but barely.

The boy I mentioned yesterday is out for the rest of the season. I didn’t want to make that call at first, but I had thought it a possibility. He fractured his hip and is to be off it for six weeks after which they can maybe start therapy. We have this GameChanger app on our phone that allows coaches and athletes to communicate in a massive group chat. I was looking on it this morning to see if anyone had updates on how he was doing. He’d put a message around 1AM letting the coach know.

I was feeling somewhat stressed this evening once we got home. Dad had to leave the game early for an important board of education meeting. He’s been the pastoral advisor for the high school Board of Ed for probably going on five years. It was a no brainer as far as deciding whether or not it was something he should do. As an alumni of the school it is something that’s important to him. They’ve had a lot to navigate with the needing to figure out what to do about the building situation.

They’re supposed to be tearing down the old school toward the end of the summer. It’s sad because it really is a beautiful campus, and because the new parts of the school were only five or so years old as they had just added on and finished a building project. They’re also looking for several teachers and a full-time principal. But I was feeling stressed just thinking about the fullness of these days. I asked the boys if they could help me by straightening up the main upstairs rooms.

Between homework, school, and sports, the big kids aren’t really available to help around the house as much and it definitely makes a difference. I was reading this Instagram post of a mom with 8 or 9 kids who has ages spread from teens to newborn. She was talking about how she was having to adjust to not having the expectation be that her big kids are just going to be her personal helpers all of the time, especially as they’re getting older. I could definitely get that.

But in the meantime it just means we’re in another one of those seasons where there’s more than I can keep up with and there’s a lot of adjusting to being okay with okay. It’s seems like one of the entire points of motherhood was to learn that we can’t do everything perfectly or even anything perfectly. I think the sooner we get over this the happier we are, but it’s an ongoing thing to have to keep getting over. This wasn’t even about me being perfect, I was just saying things I guess.

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