The big kids had a field trip at Six Flags today. Dad went along since he was one of the teachers. They left around 7 and came home a little past 8PM. After dropping off the boys at school I went to the Y to swim for a while. Before I went inside from the parking lot I talked to my sister on the phone for close to an hour. We didn’t mean to talk that long but sometimes that kind of thing just happens.

I can’t figure out people’s swimming schedules. Sometimes when I go the lap lanes are hardly being used at all. Most of the time there are at least two open. The past two times I’ve gone all the lanes have been full. People are pretty nice about sharing lanes when this happens. These past two times I’ve had to share a lane. You just make sure to stay off to your side and it works.

This afternoon the boys and I started cleaning up the front of the house. It’s that time of year when I feel the call to pay attention to what the outside of the house looks like. It really can get to be such a mess and I don’t even notice it or think anything of it. There’s more to be done but it looks a lot better now. I still need to get some colored pots with flowers, plus new welcome mats for the doors.

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