“Eternal Spirit of the living Christ, I know not how to ask or what to say;
I only know my need, as deep as life, And only You can teach me how to pray.”
~Eternal Spirit of the Living Christ, LSB 769~

For Sunday School we have a 10-15 minute music opening in the sanctuary with the kids. The pastor’s wife leads it. The two younger classes are there, so the preschool class and the K-5 class. The class I teach usually has 3-5 kids depending on which ones are there. I really enjoy the kids in my class. In the past I’ve taught junior high and high school, preschool, and 3rd-5th grade.

I’m finding the K-5 class to be an ideal age, at least for me right now. With older kids you have to be interesting enough to keep their attention. With the preschool kids you have to have a plan of things to keep them busy. With these middle kids, they are automatically interested, and have grown accustomed to sitting still. They like to learn, draw, read, ask questions, and act out the stories.

During the opening we sang the above verse and song. For some reason I got choked up while singing it. The tune was familiar, but I don’t recall ever seeing the words. Lately I just haven’t felt like myself, in that my heart is hurting but I don’t really know why, or can’t put words to it. I saw the words “as deep as life” and I knew that whatever it is it’s something, a comfort that only God can give.

We had a nice weekend. The kids were mostly home yesterday and today. During this most recent time when I was in bed more I’d texted my mom a list of my problems. She zeroed in on the part about the dryer being broken. I told her that when I felt well enough to go into town, I hadn’t had time, and when I did have time, I hadn’t felt well enough. I just hadn’t been able to get to it.

We ended up talking on the phone after that. For a tedious 45 minutes she got me to answer questions such as where camp typically gets its appliances, whether the dryer is gas or electric, what kind of plug is downstairs next to it. I listened while she called around to Lowe’s, Menards, Dick Van Dykes, getting information about their delivery availability, prices, and old dryer pick-up.

By the end of the call she had texted me a website, a phone number, instructions even on how far to scroll down to. I was going to run it by Josh just to make sure we were good on using camp information and money to buy it. The next day she texted me asking if there’d been any dryer progress. I thought to myself, “I have to do this. She basically just laid it all out there for me.”

The very next day they delivered a dryer. All I’d done was called, told them the number of the dryer I wanted, and given them the payment and address information. They could drive their truck around to the back so that way they wouldn’t have to deal with the stairs. It felt amazing to have a dryer again, and this weekend it was nice to have the laundry flow going and fold warm clothes.

We met Papa in town for lunch after church. We ate at MCL which is a place I like because you can just go through a line without having to sit down, order, and wait. By the time that church and Sunday School are over I’m usually feeling ready to go back home. Sometimes I do but today was alright. We had a good lunch together, then came home and enjoyed the rainy Sunday afternoon.

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