The boys lost their regional baseball game last night. It was their final game of the season if they didn’t end up winning, which they didn’t. I was kind of emotional about all of it once the game was finally over. There’ve been a lot of moments like this with me lately. As normal as it is, it’s something I can hardly write about because it feels too personal and deep. I mention it other places.

My journal a lot of times is where I pray and ask God things. It’s like writing out prayers or writing notes and letters to God. Sometimes I jot down a few details about the day, or note whether I was more tired or not. For three nights in a row I woke up damp and had to change clothes in the middle of the night. So I wrote that down, not sure if it was hormones or a low-grade fever finally breaking.

Today was a nice day. It rained in the morning, the kind of rain that feels like natural permission to take it slow. I did some laundry, read Ecclesiastes, and wrote a little in the morning but never went back to it. We had piano lessons this afternoon. On the way home the four of us stopped at the store. They each got lemonade. One picked out the Minute Made brand. The other two chose Calypso.

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