Every time we check of another one of these May things I feel just a little more sense of relief. Tonight the boys had their track sectional in Gillespie. Josh drove one of the buses so they left around 1:45 to get to the school in time to leave the school on time. One of the boys went with him and two stayed with me. We had 8th grade graduation tonight at the grade school.

Grandma and Papa met us there. I had not been feeling great most of the day. In the afternoon the boys watched cartoons while I rested and tried to fall asleep. I think I did for a short bit in there. My son came in and asked if I was still going to cut his hair. I’d forgotten about it until he said something. We got out the clippers and I trimmed up the sides before we left. He couldn’t find his tie.

So we went downstairs and dug around in his drawers till we found it. There wasn’t really time to figure out how to put in on. I just told him to bring it with him and he grabbed the How to Start a Fire and Other Handy Things Your Grandfather Knew book. It has lots of things in there like how to tie a tie. He worked on that while we drove to school. I told him he could probably ask his teacher.

But he figured it out. He didn’t want to wear his suit jacket and I said that was fine. We arrived around 5:45, when the class was heading outside to the quad for pictures. Also on the way to school he took the hems out of his pants from when I’d sewed them up a year or so ago. After breaking apart a few of the seams the rest came easy and he was able to make his pants a little longer.

They had a nice ceremony. Through the evening Dad was texting us updates about what was happening there with the track events. One of the boys was ranked first in the 800M but ended up finishing fourth after an almost four-way tie. He was disappointed after having trained through the winter to hopefully win. The 4×4 relay team finished second. I watched a video of it later.

I feel like that all sounds really hectic, especially the part about getting ready for graduation. It actually wasn’t too hectic at all and felt very laid back and unrushed, at least that’s how it felt for me. The outfit details I thought we had worked through before but I also hadn’t followed up earlier that day as far as double-checking. I pondered how different things can be sometimes.

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