My brother stopped by for a short overnight visit. He came down to spend the day with my parents for my dad’s birthday. He helped mom with a couple of her chicken coop projects. They’ve spent the spring raising around a dozen chickens. They have a coop built now but are wanting to extend it so the chickens have more space.

Last night we watched a Taylor Swift documentary called Miss Americana. Neither of us had seen it. I’d checked the Common Sense reviews to make sure it was appropriate enough to watch with the kids around. The biggest issue based on that was the swearing, and I would agree. If I could choose again I wouldn’t have watched it with them there.

We went on two walks while he was here. Both times we went down to the lake, the second time a little farther to the other side. It’s starting to have that sparkling look again, which I like. The rest of the day was also very enjoyable. Josh and the big kids worked on mowing the fields. The boys and I weeded around the house. The sun felt good.

I really don’t know what to think about things right now. It still just seems like I need to be so much more mindful than I ever was before about how my body is responding to events or feeling throughout the day. A good day like today can still involve resting several hours. We went out to eat with my in-laws this evening for 8th grade graduation.

It’s definitely been a busier time which makes a difference. I’ve felt impatient over the past several days, just with the various ways this very much still is affecting my life. I was sensitive before, but it was never like this. I am glad for the things I am able to do and the level of normalcy that I am still able to have now. I do continue to pray for more.

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