It’s been a full but good day. The boys technically finished their school year this morning. I admit it was pretty anti-climactic, with me telling them we’d be heading to the store when they were done with their school. Their year began in a low-key fashion and ended that way as well. They have a week off school and then I do plan to have them continue working on math, language arts, and Bible throughout the summer.

We’ve shared a few meals with the staff since they’ve been here. All except one have worked here before or been a campers or junior counselors here. The cooks have nearly begun their full-time summer duties, but Josh and I were in charge of supper tonight. I shopped for the food while in town this morning, and he did most of the food prep. We had an unexpected trip to urgent care this afternoon in the pre-supper hours.

One of the boys accidently sliced his finger with a pocket knife. He’d been working with my father-in-law in his farm shed. He brought him out for us to look at it to see what we thought. It looked deep enough to need some further medical attention. Thankfully he hadn’t cut himself too near a joint or a fingernail. The doctor was able to glue it and cover the glue with steri-strips. We were thankful that he was alright and cared for.

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