The boys are situated with their summer school. They aren’t thrilled, but besides their normal school time banter, aren’t putting up much fight about it either. They each have a paper with their name and checklist for the week. This week they have boxes for four language arts lessons, three Bible lessons, two math lessons, three typing lessons, and three piano practice sessions. They can complete their list in any order they’d like with whatever combination they chose (I’m probably going to add that typing and piano have to spread out across the days) as long as their work is completed by Friday.

We’re currently in the middle of Joyful Hearts week at camp. This used to be and probably still is my favorite week of the summer. It’s the week when adult handicapped campers come for a week and are paired with a high school aged volunteer. Something about these campers opens up the part of our hearts that were made by God to love and serve. It’s funny to hear the stories my nurse friend tells about how for ten years she suffered through heat, mosquitos, hunger, and tackleboxes full of meds stacked halfway up the wall. After that this experience was transformed into a yearly blessing.

We had a good visit with Mom and Dad today. Mom brought several plants with her that she didn’t have room for in her garden. It made me happy to see my parents getting to talk with our old neighbors. They figured out the last time they’d seen each other was 2003. We ate with the rest of the camp, having baked potato bar for supper. They spent suppertime talking, and were there for the evening activities of making puppets and having a puppet show. It was a blessing to see my kids all in one room.

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