These window pictures always feel so dramatic, but really I just like the light. It’s like you look up and all of sudden the LEGO book is there in color, and the blankets shine with the light of the sun. The only thing that showed up with the bloodwork in the summer was low Vitamin D, which is something that’s been low for the past almost four years. He wanted to check it again in three months, which ended up being more like four.

It went up by three points, which makes me wonder, was it always low? Is there something that keeps my body from absorbing it? The chiropractor tests from way back last April said I was immunosuppressed and that my batteries were only charging halfway (his words). They’re not like actual medical tests, so I didn’t know how much confidence to place the conclusions. One of the tests we’ve never redone. The other I requested to do over last November, which came back almost unchanged from the first.

I talked to my sister on the phone this morning. She said she was coming out of her cave and was ready to talk to humans again. It’s a definite thing, the pulling away and going silent, the withdrawing in order to come back free. Most of the leaves have fallen now, with the exception of the honeysuckle and a version of oak trees which always hang on longer. I rested a bit this afternoon, before heading out again tonight for class.

(Sometimes I just don’t know what to title these)

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